A Golden Refinery
in Africa, for Africa.

Our dedicated team of precious metal experts is bursting with talent, confidence, and passion for what we do.

Integrated Refinery
Solutions for everyone

The rapidly developing relations in all fields between our countries is also manifests itself in the bilateral trade data, economic and commercial relations between Turkey and Senegal followed a rising trend, Sinanlı Group targets the summit in every sector that stepped in; In order to provide great contribution to the Turkish and Senegal economy, we continue to work with innovative and continuous success.

Our Services

In our 1400m2 facility there are five different departments for each production stage.


Chemical and electrolytic refining of gold alloys to obtain purities over 99.99%


Melting of refined metals in the form of ingots and grains using induction furnaces.

Bar Production

Production of minted bars, coins and medals (rolling, cutting, minting)

Storage & Waste Treatment

Treatment of spent liquid solutions through neutralization and waste recycling.

Analysis Laboratory

Different types of analysis to get most accurate results for our customers.

We provide
the best service in Africa.

BLG is the first fully equipped and high- tech refinery in Senegal. Our refinery plant has all the world-class equipment and expertised team to provide quality service for every customer.