About BLG

Sinanli Group, one of the greatest infrastructure companies in Turkey made its investment in Senegal with the Business Link Gold Refinery attaches great importance to Senegal investments that are developing and growing day by day and aim to invest also in different sectors in the future.

Our Mission

We invested in Senegal because we believe in the bright future of Senegal. We are giving back to the community as our investment make returns.

Our Vision

We constantly grow our team and our influence both in the African region. We aim to become one of the world leaders in gold refinery.

Trusted refinement solutions for metals. We are committed to quality.

The refinery was built in 38 acres area, and it is in 1400 m2 closed area which was also built by the company itself. The refinery was built in with the latest technology and all necessary precautions to protect the environment. With this high-tech it will give maximum efficiency with minimum waste production and harm to environment.

As the Africa is becoming an important actor of gold mining and refining, Senegal can have an important role in his market with its rich gold mines and high trade capacity. The refinery with its high capacity will answer West Africa’s demand of refining gold for many years. The capacity of the refinery is up to 500 kg per day with using 3 shifts if necessary and create 25 employments for its operations.

We invested in Senegal because we believe in the future of Africa.

BLG is located in Plateforme lndustrielle lntegree De Diamniadio where is an especially important location with the investments taken by all over the world and this project will also add a great value to the zone.

We provide
the best service in Africa.

BLG is the first fully equipped and high- tech refinery in Senegal. Our refinery plant has all the world-class equipment and expertised team to provide quality service for every customer.